It all begins with your smile.

Like it or not we live in a beauty conscious society. Not all of the ‘Beautiful People’ were born that way. Many have helped nature by taking along

A radiant smile for a confident you.

We, at kathpal dental care clinic render the best services in the field of smile make over with dental whitening. Get a charming smile that can open doors and knock down barriers between you and fuller, richer life.

Are you a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

  1. Are you self confident about smiling?
  2. Do you prefer talking photographs only from one side of face because it appears better?
  3. Do you look at some one and wish you have smile like his/her?
  4. Do you feel conscious when you smile?
  5. Do you see any defects on your face when you look in the mirror?
  6. Do you want whiter teeth?
  7. Does you sum show too mush?
  8. Are your teeth too long or too short?
  9. Are your teeth too wide or too narrow?
  10. Do you like the shape of your teeth?
  11. Do your gums look black?

If you answered even a few no it is time to meet us.

We, at Kathpal Dental care clinic can give you improved smile in one appointment.

A simple one hour cosmetic contouring is all it takes to give you a new improved SMILE

Ask for computer imaging.

It is a good way to visualize how your proposed new smile will look in relation to your teeth.

Treatment of stained teeth

  1. Polishing
  2. Bleaching
  3. Bonding
  4. Laminating
  5. Crowing

Advantages of Dental Bleaching

  1. Safe – No Tooth Reduction
  2. Painless – No Anaesthetic
  3. Least Expensive of the alternatives.