At kathpal dental care clinic Sterilization, disinfection and infection control is of paramount importance for us

Separate sterilization room and with latest sterilization equipment’s and instruments helps to maintain a high degree of precaution in sterilization

Separate b class sterilizers{autoclave} is used to sterilize kits,burs,surgical instruments like forceps etc,impression trays.

Class 4 indicators{iso1 1140} are used to cross check the completion and efficacy of sterilization of

each sterilization cycle for all packs.

Disposable syringes, glasses, needles ,suction tips, etc. Are used

Fully autoclaved individually packed extraction foreps , impression trays, cotton and gauge pieces are used

Glass bead sterilizers are used for sterilizing root canal instruments [reamers,files ,broaches etc.]

Ultra violet chambers are used for maintenance of instruments.